Monday, April 9, 2012

Mission Call

Creighton got his mission call, Yeah!  He finally came home to open it on Sunday March 25th (it sat on the counter for 5 days).  He is going to . . .
Culiacan Mexico!  He leaves on July 25th.  He is sooooooo excited!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Kaia is sick again.  We are headed to a new Dr on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed that they can figure it out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Ensign

I know there are not many who read this blog (partially because I forget to update it) but if you haven't heard, Check page 21 of the November (Conference) Ensign.  Kaia has had her first magazine shoot!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Kayson and I go to Pocatello every Monday.  Cambree decided to tag along yesterday.  While shopping at TJ Maxx, she found something she  always wanted.  This is what she wore this morning.

The girl's got style.  Love her!

Redfish Lake

Last week , we did our annual trip to Redfish Lake. We had a blast and wanted to post some pictures for Grandma and Grandpa. We missed them tons but know they are where they need to be. This year, it was just our family so each of the kids took a friend, Cambree/Lexi, Kennadee/ Aubrey(a cousin), Kayson/Nolan (a neighbor), and Kaia/Keira (a neighbor). Kes said she took Mom for her friend.

Kaia Monday at the lookout

We waited at the top of Galena so each vehicle could head down.  We made quite a caravan Tracy drove the dodge pulling the trailer and the green Jeep, Cambree drove the yellow jeep and I drove the Suburban towing the trailer of kayaks. Randomly scattered  in all this were 11 bikes. 
Tuesday morning, Tracy took the 6 biggest and headed on a trail that goes around the lake.  The bike trip will be talked about forever.  None of the kids are EVER going to repeat it.  They survived carrying bikes, no water, tears, crashes and even children left to catch the ferry.  17 miles of a hiking trail with bikes has convinced them they will probably not even make their children do it to prove a point.   

walking bikes

The Bike Ride (they still look pleasant)
 As Tracy says,"We can do hard things."
They left about 10:30 am and the ferry girls were back at 3 but the rest rolled in about 5.  Long day!
 Tracy took this picture when he rolled into camp.  Kes had a nasty bike crash while the were gone.  They tried to show all their wounds from their trip but Kes had em all beat.  Both knees and a hand.  Some poor man who came across her was very traumatized.

Wednesday we went to the hot pools and played on the beach all day.  We had a blast!  The kids would put the kayaks in at our campground, then paddle over to the Lodge play all day and paddle home at night.

Nolan and Kes at the hot pools

Lexi and Cambree's sand castle
 Every night we would head to the Lodge for ice cream.  Wednesday there was music so we sat and enjoyed Muzzie Braun.
Mom and Kaia

Kayson and Nolan

Cambree,Lexi, Kennadee, Aubrey, Keira and Kestle
The guy behind the girls asked if they were all ours.  I guess 6 brownish/blonde girls with pony tails looked like sisters.

Listening to music around Mr. Heater
  Okay so maybe we were lazy but we did not start a campfire the whole time.  The kids sat around the propane heater and even roasted marshmallows in front of it.  At least, no one smelled like smoke.

On Thursday, we found a new hot pot, literally.  Kayson was sure the witch was going to come eat them. 
All but Kes in the tub
She and I sat in the overflow
 The pipe comes out of the mountain and you fill the pot.  You have to have a bucket to add river water because it is too hot.

Kes loved the kayaks!

We had a wonderful time, even me who hates to camp.  The kids did great and can't wait until next year!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We are Still Here!

Yes, the King Family is still here and all is well!  I am a horrible blogger and admitting my faults.  Thank goodness Tracy keeps a daily journal because my 6 month posts are not so great.  Here is the update:
Creighton graduated, moved to Logan and finally has 2 jobs.  Do not ask him about the first one or he will give you a 3-4 minute survey about your Honda that you recently had serviced.  He is also working for Old Navy.  He loves living on his own and any girl who offers to cook for him.  We have some great friends that moved to Logan a few years ago that are taking great care of him.  I think their 4 year old would love to be his girlfriend.
Cambree is having a great summer!  She has a great group of friends and has had fun with all of them.  She discovered (and so did I) that Dad has a jet ski and thinks the river is the place to be.  I decided to sign her up for a dance camp 2 weeks ago, last week was Stake Girls Camp (the best ever!!!!) and she and Ken are at CSI camp this week.  She also started a business this summer and is renting a bounce house. (Her little sisters love this idea.)
Kennadee has been dancing all summer.  She and some of her friends are BHS Stepperettes, the school dance team.  Every day in June, she was at practice at 7am with a smile.  I think she has had a great time.  She went to Utah for camp in June.  She loved Girls camp and is also at CSI this week for dance camp.  She gets to be Clara in the Fair parade before she hands the crown to someone else.
Kayson is Kayson.  He would like to hibernate in the basement but we do make him come out.  He loves bountiful baskets and eats all the fruit before it has a chance to even ripen.  He is still going to Pocatello on Mondays and the shop to work on Thursday mornings.  He just got back from Camp Bradley where he earned 5 1/2 merit badges.  The half was canoeing.  He was doing great until someone told him there were leeches in the water.  He never saw one or got back in to find out.
Kaia is doing great.  She is feeling better with only a few down days.  She and Kes have been taking Swimming lessons for a month.  They are turning into fish!  She can do a round off, back tuck.  She has been playing baseball and has had a great time.  She LOVES to bat and is a great little hitter.  She thinks the batting cage is amazing.  She played in the longest game (according to Mom) ever!  She has finally decided her hair is pretty cool and left it natural.  She also discovered the joy of Coconut Oil for her skin (so did everyone in the house and it ain't cheap).
Kestle' keeps us hopping.  She loves everything and everyone.  She almost misses Creighton.  She has loved swimming lessons especially the cute teacher!  She is just like a hurricane, leaving a swath of destruction wherever she goes.  She is getting big enough that no one offers to help her in the recovery phase now.  All the girls did a little summer dance workshop, but Kes loved it most because she finally got to take JAZZ.  She is so much fun but so temperamental that one minute your laughing and the next teaching everyone how to count to 10.
Tracy got to go to girls camp with the stake and had a fabulous time.  He is still running his 7 miles every other day and currently has no aches and pains.  Nothing much changes in his life, go to work, go to meetings, hang out with us.  He wouldn't want it any other way.
I am dreading summer being over.  I know we're just past halfway but it seems it's all downhill from here.  I have sat at the pool with the girls and am currently sporting a fabulous knee tan. I have run kids from one thing to another.  I really don't think I have accomplished much else this summer. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mono is Stupid

Here we are one year later and Mono is still stupid.  The word is dumb and the disease is worse.  Yes, Kaia is basically starting over.  She slept through her birthday and was again diagnosed the next day.  Only good thing is we know what to do even if we just did it a year ago.